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Andrologix is a South African company made up of dedicated individuals with a huge depth of experience. Fully BBBEE, the team is driven and experienced in running managed services and out-sourced services.

Andrologix offers in-house capability to deliver and design platform independent automation and control systems to the industry at large as an independent Systems Integrator.

Capability includes project management services from initial design through to delivery and commissioning.

  • How We Work

    • Through implementation of the QMS, offer quality solutions that are fully auditable, thus enabling risk reduce risks. The training wing is SETA accredited.
    • The relationship with EMC provides the tools to manage their operations successfully; the company possesses strong document management capability
    • The establishment of a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) will ensure continuous improvement to help the company grow over time
    • Microsoft Certification and platform development skills will ensure that it can rise to integrated business application development challenges
    • Perfect merge of compliance and business needs
    • Strong partnerships cover the complete sphere of organisational needs
    • Unique: a custom-built service provider of integrated process control and business applications
    • Based on sound partnership programmes being in place
  • Our Objectives

    • To provide Automation Engineering and Process Design services to Industry
    • To provide general engineering services and resources to the industry at large
    • To provide specialist and project specific training services
    • To Implement ECM
    • To Implement CA Service Desk as a platform for service support to prospective clients
  • Our Mission

    • To provide high quality services and solutions to our clients while helping our shareholder to realise return on their investment
  • Keys to Success

    • Delivery of Automation and Control Solutions on time and within budget
    • Delivery and supply of high quality hardware and network systems
    • Supply of highly skilled process control and plant automation resources and services to the industry at large.
    • Highly efficient sales and service support that is leveraged of a fully-fledged in-house Service Desk.
    • Outsourcing of plant Control System Maintenance
  • Added Value

    Andrologix supplements it's income with development of Enterprise Content Management Solutions to clients in both the private and public sectors.

    The importance of working from correct versions of documentation is critical, especially in an engineering field. The ECM offering will also be used to strengthen internal document management processes that will be implemented by the engineering sector of the business.
  • Unfailing Support

    Andrologix will offer a fully fledged Service desk to the industry in it's service and support management business. Hardware sales based on project specific requirements and requirements form the market place at large. Andrologix has vast experience in the service provision through the individual experiences of its shareholders and the management team.